Unlike other projects, your initial investment is never locked.
But take note that there are unstake fees which starts at which can go lower to 5% depending on how long the stake of each stake plan is.
When you unstake your initial, rewards are paid out to you.
Unstaking does not have an effect on any other stakes . Payouts are different if you unstake vs if you claim.
If the user decides to unstake their staked amount, there will be an unstake fee which will be deducted to the total amount to be unstaked. This fees will not go to the developers instead this will stay in the contract and will be used as rewards for existing investors .
If the user wants to unstake the compounded dividends, fees would be assessed according to the # of days that stake has been active. There are no taxes or fees associated with the compounding action whatsoever.
Keep in mind, compounding will create a new stake.
If you wanted to unstake this new stake, fees would be assessed.
No fees are taken when creating this stake via the compound option.
The chart below shows the tax on unstaking depending on the time period.
Dividends earned are also paid out when unstakes take place. Unstake fees stay in the contract.
Last modified 10mo ago