In RISE BUSD the daily dividends starts at 8% and can increase up to 15% depending on how long the stake is active. If the user stakes more than 101 days the stake will increase to 15%.Basically it's a long term play and would benefit those people who will support the project longer.
A stake fee is applied to the total amount to be staked for each stake. These fees were indicated as being utilized for investing in other projects and will also be used to cover project administration, marketing, and maintenance costs.
The team will only incur tax on new deposits; there will be no tax on compounding or withdrawing existing stakes. However, compounding and withdrawing existing stakes will reset all stake plans to 1, meaning yield will be reset to 8% and staked days will be reset to 1.
The user's choice to add additional stakes won't change any already existing stakes. Every time a user makes an investment using your referral link, you receive a 3% referral bonus that can only be applied to new stakes, increasing your potential earnings over time.
Last modified 6mo ago